Why I chose to use Audi Finance for my latest TT

audi finance

An Audi TT is truly a remarkable car, anyone who followed along with my old blog will know that was that was my goal to purchase one of these magnificent cars. Having long been used by police forces across the UK, these cars are known for their reliability as well as performance credentials. This month I took the plunge and used Audi finance to make the purchase, I must be honest I haven’t regretted my decision so far. Rather than buying brand-new, I financed my Audi, meaning that I only have to make small payments for the next three years, I intend on keeping the car this long anyway so it was a no-brainer for me.

The reason I chose Audi is because of their cost versus their performance. German manufactures have a long held a reputation for building fast and reliable cars that run efficiently, the added bonus with the TT is that the mpg is fairly low to meaning that I won’t be spending my entire budget on filling the petrol tank. With a 0 to 60 mph performance time of around 5 seconds, they may not be the quickest sports car on the road but they certainly are no slouch either.

Why you should make use of Audi Finance too

Audi financing couldn’t have been more straightforward, a quick check to ensure that I could keep up the payments was necessary but after that getting Audi finance was easy. Whether or not I’ll purchase my car at the end of the two year period is another thing, and although I am able to keep my bank account healthy while still being able to afford a car that I wanted. How do you have, do they wait to meet the entire process easy to, there is a healthy industry setup on ensuring that you can purchase the latest models, I opted not to do this but I may do in the future.

Used Audi financing is a common thing too, with there being many financing deals and offers out there to choose from, is a question of doing your research I’m picking the right one for you. Driving one of these superb German cars is better than any other car that I’ve given previously, with my last car being a Ford, this certainly was a step up and who knows, maybe next time I’ll use Ferrari Finance and buy my dream car when they are fully released in the UK.

By the time I have the finances for it, who knows Ferrari may be a lot more affordable too and with their latest news of install solar panels on the roof, it may even earn some money too.

The latest Bond car has been made affordable with Aston Martin finance

What man hasn’t had dreams of becoming James Bond? In this post I am going to be talking about the latest model Aston Martin. I could never hope to purchase this car, those with the budget for it just got great news with the latest round of Aston Martin Finance being released. The James Bond car of choice as I’m sure any car fan will know is the DB7, this is Aston Martin’s flagship car and has long been the envy of pretty much anyone who has seen the films.

aston martin finance

What is it about Aston Martin that has made them so desirable and financially successful? The answer may be as simple as clever marketing. As a car manufacturer they have always been careful with how their brand is portrayed in the media, often choosing to align themselves with celebrities who have the right image. They’ve always made sure that they are seen as a dream car too with the latest models requiring some serious funding.

Will people use Aston Martin Finance?

Early indications suggest that Aston Martin Finance is proving to be very popular. The monthly payments are still steep and far beyond what the average person in the UK is going to be able to afford. With that being said though, at the latest car show I attended, some of the base models were coming in at around £90,000 which is only just above some of the higher models of Porsche and other supercars.

So is it all just hype and marketing? Certainly not, these cars can certainly hold their own when it comes to performance which is something that anyone who has had the pleasure of driving one will tell you!